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The Curiosity Peddler, The Bounty of the Sea

April 26, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

locket.jpgToday we bring you the first episode of a new audio series, The Curiosity Peddler. Join the Curiosity Peddler around the fire and warm yourself with a tale of the world before the meltdown called The Bounty of the Sea.

The Curiosity Peddler, The Bounty of the Sea was produced in the studio of WDRT Viroqua, Wisconsin, 91.9 FM. With the voice talents of Claire DeCoster, 
Jane Kouba, Jake Stephens, and Carl Schlect. Live sound effects by Josh Peters and engineered by Rusty James. Thanks to Kevin MacLeod of for the recorded music.

The Bounty of the Sea was written by Jake Stephens.


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