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Sven Marlow, Small Town Detective, in the Case of Mrs. Isenborg’s Dog

May 25, 2014 @ 6:00 pm

mrsisenborgsdog.jpgA simple day working on Sven's car, The Judge, turns sour when a knock on the head changes Sven from a mild mannered small town detective to a tough hard boiled private Dick. Meanwhile, Mrs. Isenborg, a family friend, needs Sven's help to find her lost dog.

Will Sven still have what it takes to solve his latest case? Will Mrs. Isenborg ever see her dog again? Will Sven come out of his amnesia before he hurts someone? The only way to find out the answers to these questions are to listen in to the latest episode of Sven Marlow, Small Town Detective. 

Today's show was produced in the studio of WDRT Viroqua, Wisconsin, 91.9 FM. The cast included Steve Laurden as Sven Marlow, Michelle Pedretti as Gerda Henshorn, Carl Schlect as Abdi, Margot Hipwell as Mrs. Ingleborg, Adam Fogelson as Eddie Diamond, and Sophie Leppanen as Jessie Barns, with live sound effects by Josh Peters and Rusty James as our audio engineer.

Recorded music used in this production was by Kevin MacLeod of

The Case of Mrs. Ingleborg's Dog was written by Leif Erickson and Josh Peters.

Stay tuned for the next Adventure of Sven Marlow, Small Town Detective.

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