Sven Marlow, Small Town Detective, and the Case of the Stolen Star

March 22, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

A favor for a friend turns into an unsolved mystery when Gerda and Sven get trapped in a mansion on the night of a big blizzard. Who stole the family heirloom? The untrustworthy investment broker? The spaced out free-spirit? Or maybe the out of work actress? Angers flare and accusations fly as Sven and Gerda try to solve the Case of the Stolen Star.

Today's show was produced in the studio of WDRT Viroqua, Wisconsin, 91.9 FM and originally aired on March 22, 2015. The cast included Steve Laurden as Sven Marlow, Michelle Pedretti as Gerda Henshorn, Carl Schlect as Mr. Wiggins, Margot Hipwell as Mrs. Gammeldame, David Ware as Robert Blessing, Chava Curland as Jennifer Blessing, and Dodie Whitaker as Karma Blessing, with live sound effects by Josh Peters and Rusty James as our audio engineer.

Recorded music used in this production was by Kevin MacLeod of

The Case of Stolen Star was written by Leif Erickson and Josh Peters. 
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