The Curiosity Peddler, The Compulsory Box

July 5, 2015 @ 1:10 pm


Today's episode of the Curiosity Peddler begins with a strange thunderstorm leading to the story of an unusual box, interplanetary portals, and ancient temples. Find out as the Curiosity Peddler tells the story of The Compulsory Box.

The Curiosity Peddler, The Compulsory Box, was produced in the studio of WDRT Viroqua, Wisconsin, 91.9 FM. With the voice talents of Josh Peters, Brand Myer, Margot Hipwell, and Carl Schlect. Live sound effects by Josh Peters and engineered by Rusty James. Thanks to Kevin MacLeod of for the recorded music.

The Compulsory Box was written by Carl Schlect.
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